WPO 20th Annual Conference - 2017 Program Schedule

Wednesday, May 03

08:30 05:00 Wells Fargo Platinum Event (Invitation Only)

12:00 04:00 Service Day

Thursday, May 04

08:00 05:00 Registration

08:00 12:30 WPO Board of Directors Meeting

07:45 12:30 Chapter Chair Training

09:00 11:00 Corporate Focus Groups

09:30 11:00 Pre-Conference Workshops

How to Excel in the New World of Equity Crowdfunding

Ruth Hedges, Founder,


You've Earned It: Leadership Insights from Top Executive Women

Joann Lublin, Management News Editor, The Wall Street Journal 

11:00 12:30 Pre-Conference Workshops

12:00 05:00 Exhibit Hall Open

01:00 02:00 WPO Annual Meeting (members only)

02:30 03:00 Opening Session and Presentation of the Mary Lehman MacLachlan Economic Empowerment Award

Mary Lehman MacLachlan Award

Mary Lehman MacLachlan was an esteemed WPO advisory board member and a true leader in the women's business community. She helped to fund the start of the WPO and believed that women must be economically independent. As Mary best stated herself, "I really care about women in positions of leadership and ownership. Now is the time for women to claim their rightful place as capitalist... and, in this effort, women need to support other women because if they don't, no one else will."

Click here to download award application. 

03:00 04:15 Keynote Address

The Happiness Advantage

The Happiness Advantage

Shawn Achor, CEO & Co-Founder, GoodThink Based on a decade of research, New York Times bestselling author Shawn Achor will share how training your brain to be positive at work will fuel greater success for you and your company.


05:00 06:00 Platinum and Zenith Reception (invitation only)

05:00 06:00 New Member Orientation

06:30 08:30 Opening Reception

Friday, May 05

07:00 07:45 Morning Excercise

08:00 05:00 Exhibit Hall Open

08:00 09:00 Industry and International Tables Buffet Breakfast

09:00 09:15 Greetings and Presentation of the Adrienne Hall Award

09:15 10:15 Keynote Address

The Engagement Economy

The Engagement Economy

Jane McGonigal, Director of Game & Research Development, Institute for the Future World renowned game designer Jane McGonigal will share how alternate reality games, such as Pokemon Go, are driving unprecedented economic engagement and changing consumer behavior.

10:15 10:45 Break

10:45 12:15 Workshops – Morning Session

1. Seeing What's Next

Lynda Applegate, Sarofim-Rock Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School Discover new technological and demographic trends that are transforming business and society around the world.

2. Sell Today, Sell Tomorrow: A Model for Building Revenue

Charles Bernard, CEO Criteria for Success Learn powerful tools to harness high performance and drive increased revenue.


3. Creating the Business Future You Want

Patricia Greene, Chair of Entrepreneurial Studies, Babson College Create an individualized plan for strategic change in your business to revolutionize the future of your business.

4. The Cyber Threat To Your Business and What To Do

Shawn Henry, President & Chief Security Officer, CrowdStrike Services Understand the risks your company faces in the digital world and learn cyber security strategies to protect your business network.

5. Marketing To Prospects In The New Economy

Eric Keiles, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Square 2 Marketing Reconsider your marketing strategy and learn how to transition from outbound advertising to inbound marketing.

12:30 01:00 Lunch

01:00 01:30 50 Fastest Awards Ceremony

01:30 02:15 50 Fastest Panel

02:15 02:45 Break

02:45 04:15 Workshops – Afternoon Session (morning sessions presented are repeated in the afternoon)

06:30 10:00 20th Anniversary Celebration Event

Saturday, May 06

08:00 01:00 Exhibit Hall

08:00 08:30 Buffet Breakfast and Greetings

08:30 09:15 Heading to Harvard

09:15 09:30 “What I learned from WPO” and Presentation of the Presidents’ Award

09:30 09:45 Break

09:45 10:45 Keynote Address

You Got This!

You Got This!

Maya Penn, CEO, Maya's Ideas Sixteen year old entrepreneur, coder, eco-designer and activist Maya Penn will chronicle her incredible journey and share the tools she used to prompt creativity and cultivate success at a very early age.

10:45 11:00 Grand Prize Raffle and Next Year's Conference Announcement

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